RENEWABLE ENERGY FINANCE 771/871 (11 - 16 May 2020)

The global drivers of decoupling economic growth and addressing climate change have seen much emphasis placed on the development of renewable energy projects. This module enables participants to understand the parameters that influence the financial aspects and project design of renewable energy initiatives in Africa. The participant will get to be familiar with a range of instruments, the financial structuring tools needed to attract investors, and how to use alternative financial sources, like carbon finance, outside of the commercial financial institutions to ensure the financial viability of renewable energy projects. The module therefore aims to empower professionals to incorporate appropriate financing into their decision-making pertaining to renewable energy projects. This includes:

  • The basic financial metrics such as IRR, NPV and DSCR,
  • Understanding the economic justification and impact of renewable energy projects,
  • Understanding of what sustainability drivers have an effect on the renewable energy business,
  • Understanding what barriers exist to renewable energy project implementation from a financial perspective, and
  • Understanding what opportunities exist to facilitate renewable energy implementation.

The module is mainly aimed at sensitising participants to qualitative issues in renewable energy projects, but also enables participants to deal with quantitative measures.