INTRODUCTION TO SOLAR ENERGY 747/847 (8 - 13 April 2019)

The course consists of a study of both Photovoltaics (PV) and Solar-thermal technologies for generating electricity from sunlight. The principles, manufacturing technologies, efficiencies, advantages and limitations of various PV cells will be considered. The students should be able to design a manufacturing plant as well as practical installations of various PV components in a cost effective way. The main themes will include:

  • Principles of operation of PV cells;
  • Manufacturing technologies of crystalline and thin film PV cells;
  • Balance of system (BOS): regulators, inverters and storage;
  • Design of stand alone PV systems;
  • Design of roof mounted grid connected PV systems;
  • Design of large MW PV systems;
  • Concentrators: combined heat and power generation (CHP).

The different solar-thermal systems will be introduced with the basic heat transfer and thermodynamics principles that apply. Both bulk electricity generation and smaller stand alone systems will be covered. The main themes will include

  • Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer;
  • Bulk solar thermal power generation systems;
  • Energy storage;
  • Large scale plant specifics and quantification;
  • Life cycle costing.