ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS 774/874 (9 - 14 September 2019)

The objective of the module is to enable participants to understand the concepts and technologies used for electric Energy Storage (ES). The course highlights Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries as the dominant technology in new projects and addresses the complex safety, performance and life issues of this technology. The technical and financial parameters that drive the project designs of grid connected and off-grid ES will be discussed. The participant will become familiar with the major factors that determine ES selection and sizing, and be provided with various case studies to use as benchmark. The module therefore aims to provide professionals with sufficient understanding to establish the key requirements and financial benefits of ES in various grid-connected and off-grid applications.


  • Introduction: The need for Energy Storage; Proliferation of Renewable Energy => intermittent generation; Load variability; The utility‚Äôs challenge: balancing IN and OUT in real-time; How storage can help
  • Large Scale Energy Storage services and benefits: Key parameters of Energy Storage; 15 individual benefits; Stacked benefits
  • Global storage project examples and statistics: Energy Storage Technology cost, performance and maturity; Macro overview and comparison of available technologies; Anatomy of a battery; Top 5 storage types in more detail; Examples of specific products available
  • Energy Storage sizing and selection: Use of an open source tool; Understanding storage Life-Cycle Cost; The selection and sizing of Energy Storage for certain applications; Large off-grid hybrid
    PV/storage worked example; Small-scale Energy Storage applications; The economic impact of adding Energy Storage to certain applications; The regulations and safety issues related to Energy Storage systems