BIO ENERGY 744/844 (22 - 27 June 2020)

The course will consider the technical issues, economic feasibility and sustainability of bio-energy production in the African context. The focus of the course is in the integration of technical, economic and sustainability considerations into project development, to find practical, innovative, sustainable solutions for bio-energy production. The course will involve the development of a conceptual understanding of the conversion technologies for bio-energy and biofuels production, including biodiesel, biogas, ethanol, combustion, pyrolysis, gasification and electricity generation.

Both first and second generation technologies will be considered, with an update on the commercial status of second generation technologies. The selection of the most appropriate technology from the demand side perspective will be a central thread through the course. Participants will perform a critical analysis of the sustainability of bio-energy production, including aspects of life cycle assessment. The course will emphasise the use of project-based groupwork by the participants to develop integrated, practical, innovative, sustainable opportunities for commercial implementation of bio-energy production. The course program will include site visits to familiarize participants with different conversion technologies for bio-energy production.