CRSES has a team of competent engineers and project managers who can assist clients with on- and off-grid renewable energy solutions. The dynamic group includes engineering expertise in the following disciplines: Mechanical, Mechatronic, Electrical, Process and Civil. The Centre is also well positioned to assemble expertise from the broader University community and private industry to participate in multidisciplinary projects. The past projects are listed under each year below:

Solar Resource Map and Database of Southern Africa

Client: USAID through the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)

Scope:Extend the solar resource measurement network in Southern Africa and improve the solar energy resource database and maps of the region. The project aims to install and maintain 4 solar measurement stations across Southern Africa, make the data available to the public and developers through downloadable data and produce a solar resource map and database for Southern Africa to facilitate the rollout of solar energy projects.

Status: Completed

SOLTRAIN III: Southern African Solar Thermal Training and Demonstration Initiative

Client: AEE-Intec

Scope:SOLTRAIN (Southern African Solar Thermal Training and Demonstration Initiative) is funded by the Austrian Development Agency and is focussed on awareness campaigns of solar thermal applications for specific stakeholders to highlight the impacts of energy savings and security of energy supply. In SOLTRAIN III, CRSES is tasked to develop the new SOLTRAIN website (www.soltrain.org.za) and took over responsibility for the quarterly SOLTRAIN newsletter, assists in the rewarding of student bursaries and with the inter university projects on solar thermal and the implementation plan for the solar thermal road map for South Africa.

Status: Completed

Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI II)

Client: Eskom

Scope:CRSES is contracted Eskom to host the Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI) Specialisation Centre in Renewable Energy as well as to coordinate the Inter University Programme in Power System Simulation (PSS). The project finances a Chair in PSS at Stellenbosch University and funds post graduate students at South African Universities and Universities of Technology.

Status: Ongoing

Offshore Platforms for Energy Competitiveness (OPEC)

Client: Innovate UK

Scope:The OPEC project aims to validate the technical and economic feasibility of a large floating offshore platform that can support multiple marine energy devices, and other compatible revenue generating activities. The aim was to generate evidence-based support for different use-cases for the OPEC platform. The use-cases investigated for initial OPEC deployment were located in two geographic areas namely, the North Atlantic UK waters and the South Atlantic Coastline of South Africa. The use-cases were built around resources available in the specific geographic locations as well as possible market needs present in these areas.

Status: Ongoing

Standards and Labelling: A study to ascertain whether solar water heater and pump should be included in the compulsory specification for hot water storage tanks for domestic use (VC9006)

Client: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Scope:CRSES is conducting a study to ascertain whether solar water heaters (SWH) and heat pumps (HP) should be included in the compulsory specification for hot water storage tanks for domestic use (VC 9006). VC 9006, which was signed in August 2016 and came into effect on the 12th of August 2017, requires all fixed electrical and non-electrical hot water storage heaters for domestic use to have a minimum energy efficiency rating of class B when tested in accordance with SANS 151 (Fixed electric storage water heaters). The VC’s scope specifies the inclusion of solar water heater and heat pump applications, these inclusions are perceived to negatively affect the SWH and HP manufacturing industry in South Africa.

Status: Ongoing