Research into various renewable energy sources is done by different academic departments and research groups.
The completed research is listed below:



1. ACJ LombardMScEngElectrical & Electronic EngineeringMJ KamperDesign And Implementation Of A Low Cost Grid-Connected 10 Kw Hydro Power System
2. BH TeutebergMEng Mechincal EngineeringW van NiekerkDesign of a Pump Microhydro System Pump-As-Turbinefor an Abalone Farm


1. MB MokhesengMPhil SDPMSOPMP StellenboschM Swilling AC BrentSolar roof tiles: Towards a macro-economic model
2. G Smit MPhil SDPMSOPMP StellenboschM SwillingSustainable energy solutions for the residences of Stellenbosch University
3. I BotmanMFor ForestryB du ToitProduction potential of Eucalypt woodlots for bioenergy in the Winelands region of the Western Cape
4. P MalatjiMPhil SDPMForestryM MeinckenProcessing of wood and agricultural biomass for gasification
5. R SolomonMScEng Electrical Eng, UCTP PilayAn automotive interior lighting application using white ligth-emitting diodes Appendix B1 Luxeon K2 Appendix B2 Golden Dragon ZW W5SG Appendix B3 Prolight Appendix C Illuminance Photometer Appendix D Linear Regulator Appendix E Heatsink
6. Rudolph du ToitMPhil SDPMSOPMP, StellenboschA MullerDeveloping a Scorecard for Sustainable Transport: A Cape Town Application
7. Georgina SmitMPhil SDPMSOPMP, StellenboschM SwillingSustainable energy solutions for the residences of Stellenbosch University
8. M MoodyMPhilSchool of Public Leadership, StellenboschM SwillingThe case for transition to a sustainable transport system in Stellenbosch
9. G CopezMScElectrical Engineering, University of Cape TownProf SP ChowdhuryOptimal Sizing of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Rural Electrification
10. C VossbergMPhilERC, University of Cape TownDr Brett CohenA Life Cycle Based Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Assessment of C&D Waste and Container Glass Recycling in the City of Cape Town
11. C BerghMScERC, University of Cape TownDr Brett CohenEnergy Efficiency in the South African Crude Oil Refining Industry: Drivers, Barriers and Opportunities
12. S Pahwa GajjarPhDStellenbosch UniversitySPL, Prof M SwillingBuilding Corporate Resilience: based on a case study of Spier Holding's search for a lower carbon future
13. Jeremy WakefordPhDStellenbosch UniversitySPL, Prof M SwillingSocioeconomic implications of global oil depletion for South Africa: vulnerabilities, impacts and transition to sustainability
14. MM NeethlingMEngMechanical Engineering, Stellenbosch UniversityProf W van NiekerkEnergy flow analysis of an academic building
15. L du ToitPhDDepartment of Public Law, Faculty of Law, University of Cape TownProf J GlazewskiPromoting renewable energy in South Africa through the inclusion of market-based instruments in South Africa's legal and policy framework with particular reference to the feed-in tariff
16. M TshahlaMPhilStellenbosch UniversityAC BrentBarriers to, and policy opportunities for, the growth of renewable energy technologies in South Africa : rethinking the role of municipalities
17. RL KimeMEng (Research)Stellenbosch UniversityGR BassonA two-dimensional numerical model for the investigation of the effects of dams on the Zambezi River Delta
18. CJ JoubertMEngElectrical Engineering, Stellenbosch UniversityHJ VermeulenGeographical Location Optimisation of Wind and Solar Photovoltaic Power Capacity in South Africa using Mean-variance Portfolio Theory and Time Series Clustering