Research into various renewable energy sources is done by different academic departments and research groups.
The completed research is listed below:



1. L HellerPhD (Eng)Mechanical EngineeringJ HoffmanDevelopment of a Dual-Pressure Air Receiver System for the SUNDISC Cycle
2. JP KotzéMechanical EngineeringTW von BackstromThermal energy storage in metallic phase change materials
3. N AndersonMEngMechanical EngineeringH ReuterEvaluation of the performance characteristics of a hybrid (dry/wet) induced draft dephlegmator
4. N FourieMEngMechanical EngineeringSJ vd SpuySimulating the effect of wind on the performance of Axial flow fans in air cooled steam condenser systems
5. A MichaelsMEngMechanical EngineeringH ReuterInvestigation of the effect of a new splash grid on natural draught wet cooling tower (NDWCT) performance
6. J NyeMEngMechanical EngineeringH BeukesIncreasing distributed generation penetration when limited by voltage regulation
7. J van der WesthuizenMEngMechanical EngineeringJ HoffmanLiquid extraction from air-cooled condenser steam ducts
8. A LouwMEngStellenbosch UniversityP GauchéDiscrete and porous computational fluid dynamics modelling of an air-rock bed thermal energy storage system
9. M LubkollPhD (Eng)Stellenbosch UniversityTW von BackstromPerformance Characteristics of the Spiky Central Receiver Air Pre-heater (SCRAP)
10. MTW OwenMEngStellenbosch UniversityD KrogerA numerical investigation of air-cooled steam condenser performance under windy conditions
11. W PierceMEngStellenbosch UniversityP GauchéSolar Assisted Power Generation (SAPG): Investigation of Solar Preheating of Feedwater
12. C AuretMEngStellenbosch UniversityP GauchéScenario modelling for short to long term rollout of concentrating solar power in South Africa
13. JP TerblancheMEngStellenbosch UniversityH ReuterDesign and performance evaluation of a HYDROSOL space heating and cooling system
14. A GroblerMEngStellenbosch UniversityP GauchéAiming strategies for small central receiver systems
15. A HariramMEngStellenbosch UniversityT HarmsThe use of CFD for Heliostat WIND Load Analysis
16. J LarmuthMEngStellenbosch UniversityP GauchéHeliostat cost reduction methods applied to a small heliostat
17. R RamorakaneMEngStellenbosch UniversityF DinterEvaluation of Parasitic Load Consumption for a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plant
18. N ZietsmanMEngStellenbosch UniversityN GuleOptimal Design Methodology of a Three Phase Rotary Transformer for a Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Generator
19. OO CraigMEngStellenbosch UniversityR DobsonA Stand-alone Parabolic Dish Solar Cooker for African Conditions
20. W LandmanPhD (Eng)Stellenbosch UniversityF DinterOptical performance of the reflective surface profile of a heliostat
21. J MusangoMEngStellenbosch UniversityF DinterMeasuring and modelling the influence of weather factors on CSP reflector soiling
22. PC van der MerweMEngStellenbosch UniversityJ HoffmanSolar Air Receiver Using A Non-Uniform Porous Medium
23. M Sklar-ChikMEngStellenbosch UniversityA BrentSystem Cost of Energy Generation Scenarios for South Africa: Understanding the real cost of integrating energy generation technologies
24. J RudmanMScStellenbosch UniversityK Esler(Not Official) Investigating the direct environmental impacts of emerging solar power and shale gas developments in two arid biomes of South Africa
25. I PooleMEngStellenbosch UniversityF DinterConcentrating solar power in South Africa – a comparison between parabolic trough and power tower technologies with molten salt as heat transfer fluid
26. TB TapfumaneiMScStellenbosch UniversityHDT MoutonSolar Array Emulator
27. M GrochMEngStellenbosch UniversityH ReaderHV Transmission Line and Tower Inspection Safe-Fly Zone Modelling and Metrology
28. CJ JoubertMEngElectrical Engineering, Stellenbosch UniversityHJ VermeulenGeographical Location Optimisation of Wind and Solar Photovoltaic Power Capacity in South Africa using Mean-variance Portfolio Theory and Time Series Clustering
29. I KuilerMEngElectrical Engineering, Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyM AdonisCondition monitoring of squirrel cage induction generators in wind turbines
30. O de MeyerPhD (Eng)Mechatronic Engineering, Stellenbosch UniversityF DinterOptimisation in Plant Operations for a 100 MW Central Receiver CSP Plant with Focus on the Plant Operating Strategies
31. A SteynMEngElectrical Engineering, Stellenbosch UniversityA RixModelling the technical influence of randomly distributed solar PV uptake on electrical distribution network
32. W FarmerMEngElectrical Engineering, Stellenbosch UniversityA RixOptimising Power System Frequency Stability using Virtual Inertia from Inverter-based Renewable Energy Generation