Research into various renewable energy sources is done by different academic departments and research groups.
The completed research is listed below:



1. C TrautmannMScERC, University of Cape TownH von Blottnitz &
B Cohen
Investigation of the Use of Biogas in a Gas Hob and the Feasibility of Upgrading it on a Household Scale
1. AB van der MerweMScEngProcess EngineeringJH Knoetze &
J Görgens
Evaluation of Different Process Designs for Biobutanol Production from Sugarcane Molasses
2. JP KotzeMScEngMechincal EngineeringL Lorenzen &
J van der Spuy
A Comparative Study On The Performance Of Biodiesel In A Modern 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel Engine
3. NH LeibbrandtPhD Process EngineeringJH Knoetze &
J Görgens
Techno-Economic Study for Sugarcane Bagasse to Liquid Biofuels in South Africa: A Comparison Between Biological and Thermochemical Process Routes
4. E Prah MScEngProcess EngineeringL Callanan &
L Lorenzen
Biodiesel analytical development and characterisation
5. M NolteMScEngChemical Eng, StellenboschJ GörgensCommercial Biodiesel production in South Africa: A preliminary economic feasibility study
6. Duncan PalmerMScEngChemical Eng, StellenboschL Lorenzen &
J van der Spuy
The Development of a Biofuels Engine Testing Facility
7. Ms Elinda ViljoenMScEngProcess Eng, StellenboschJ GörgensThe production of bioethanol from lignocellulose biomass. (Embargo)
8. JJ HugoMScEngProcess EngineeringProf. J.H. Knoetze &
Prof. J.F. Görgens
9. JG PotgieterMEngMechanical EngineeringProf J.L. van Niekerk &
Dr L. de Lange
AGRICULTURAL RESIDUE AS A RENEWABLE ENERGY RESOURCE - Utilisation of Agricultural Residue in the Greater Gariep Agricultural Area as a Renewable Energy Resource
10. JM van ZylPhDMechanical Eng, StellenboschProf T HarmsThree-Dimensional Modelling of Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation of Cellulose to Ethanol(Embargo)
11. L MallaMscERC, University of Cape TownProf H von Blottnitz &
Alison Hughes
Greenhouse gas mitigation cost of energy from biogas: A techno-economic analysis of co-digestion of three types of waste in Cape Town
12. MM MeintjiesMEngSchool of Chemical and Minerals Engineering of the North-West University, Potchefstroom CampusDr P van der GrypFermentation coupled with pervaporation: a kinetic study
13. Hope BaloyiMScSchool of Chemical and Minerals Engineering of the North-West University, Potchefstroom CampusProf S MarxAlgae liquefaction
14. Thumakele GosaMPhil SDPMSPL, StellenboschM SwillingBylaws to promote solar hot water geysers - a Stellenbosch case study (embargoed)
15. Thapelo MokomeleMEngChemical Engineering, StellenboschProf. K.G.ClarkeThe development and modeling of an ethanol production biocatalytic system with cell recycle
16. S BartleMEngStellenbosch UniversityProf JL van Niekerk and Dr L De LangeEstablishing a new biofuel crop using System Thinking
17. K Madaly MEngStellenbosch UniversityMr.Paul GauchéIdentifying the optimum storage capacity for a 100-MWe concentrating solar power plant in South Africa
18. M Polycarp SbusisoMPhysFort Hare Institute of TechnologyProf E Meyer and Dr N S MamphweliCharacterization and computer simulation of corn stover / coal blends for co-gasification in a downdraft gasifier